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  • As an international student, I was in complete shock that I got acceptance letters from so many universities and a 100% merit-based scholarship to an Ivy League school. Collegewise helped me to prioritize the extracurricular activities that showcased my all-round nature, and write about them well within the limited space available. My mentors were very supportive and we had a personal connection that I cherish and will definitely never forget.

    Koyena Pal

    Brown University

  • Collegewise helped me understand that I needed to express myself clearly [in my essays]. [They] helped me strategize my college application and helped me answer every essay question with more depth. This really helped admissions officers understand different perspectives of my profile, and that really made a difference!

    Rayden Yongxiang Chia

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Collegewise mentors helped me realize the importance of starting early. To me, there is no better advice than that. All the other advice on college admissions is for naught if you are panicking and stressing out, trying to write powerful college admission essays whilst studying for 4 examinations. Start early.

    Looi Qin En

    Stanford University

  • Collegewise was able to help me narrow down colleges to a certain set that was tailored to my needs. They also helped me with my essays as I couldn't think of a unique topic to write about. Collegewise made the process a lot easier, and that helped me get into one of my top choice colleges.

    Saahil Koradia

    Boston University

  • Unless you are very well-informed about the colleges and career paths that are open to you, you will need a mentor to guide you in your selection, as well as application process. At Collegewise, your mentor will gladly take you through this process, give you support, and yet let you make the application your own truly.

    Anubhav Nayak

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • In one session I was exposed to 3 major blind spots that could have severely crippled my application. Unless you have a very clear idea of how you want to craft your profile in the eyes of the admissions board, I would say Collegewise’s consulting services are a worthy investment.

    Seah Ying Cong

    University of Pennsylvania

  • Collegewise is not only a group of mentors but also your companion along the way to your dream university. They don't compromise when it comes to success!

    Mayank Kumar

    University of British Columbia

  • I applied to universities in the 2015-2016 application round on my own. I got rejected by all 6 overseas schools I applied to. This time around, with Collegewise’s help, I was accepted into 6 schools - Cambridge, Imperial, Yale-NUS, UC Berkeley, UCLA, CMU. Collegewise taught me many transferable skills, especially about writing well and expressing myself properly. It's not just about the essays they edit, it was knowing how to market myself to universities.

    Keefe Wayne Teo

    University of Cambridge

  • Collegewise mentors are very friendly, and this is what made me very comfortable in my interactions with them... the channels of communication were very effective, very open, and I think it was through this that I could really get down to the crux of the matter and work on the things that needed the most work. I think this is one of the main things that allowed me to express myself more throughout my application.

    Neil Dantas

    University of Pennsylvania

  • Just after my first session I had a very good idea of how to structure my application and write my essay. I didn't know what to write for my essay, but my counselor helped me realize that I was excited talking about theatre and that was my essay. The experience was really worth it.

    Yi Hai Su

    Northwestern University

  • My very first version of the essay was a disaster. But my counselor guided me on how to go about it. He gave me a lot of good feedback and helped me a lot, which was the most helpful part for me! I got into the school I wanted to get into just because of the help from Collegewise.

    Faye Wang

    University of Washington

  • Collegewise is not like a tuition center where you are piled on with all this knowledge. They sort of embed it slowly and you can take your time. They are there at every step of the way. It truly is like having a friend and not somebody just teaching you or forcing knowledge on you.

    Nandesh Subhash

    Purdue University

  • Collegewise helped me streamline my application through their policy of personal attention. I became much more confident in my own abilities and my application because of my mentor. The keystone of my application was the infamous Oxbridge interviews. Collegewise specially formulated a personal schedule by which I could immerse myself fully in the experience. By recreating the actual interviews, they helped me to acclimatize and prepare myself for the actual challenge. Collegewise mentors are more than a voice in your corner, they really become your friends throughout the journey!

    Patrick Yeo

    University of Oxford

  • I had no idea about the admissions process, and juggling admissions work with IB prep was way too much. Collegewise taught me to systematically think about the process and encouraged me to build my portfolio/resume. I would not have been able to manage it on my own.

    Natasha Rajiv

    New York University

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